There is no Original Sin

by Administrator on September 26, 2011

There was no Original Sin…

And there never was. There could not have been, because there was no Adam or Eve.

Today in Edmonton, on the first leg of my new book launch, I have spoken with dozens of people who are curious about, “The Priest Who Left His Religion – In Search of Cosmic Spirituality. I told them that I left the priesthood because Paul 6 denied the findings of the biblical scholars, and did his best to make sure that Catholics never found out about the horrendous mistake that Christianity made in the sixth century. Adopting Augustine’s invention of Original Sin put sin at the centre of the religion instead of the message of love that Jesus preached.

Pope Paul VI did not want the “faithful” to know that there was no basis for the church’s insistence that all humans are born corrupt. He overruled the teaching of Vatican 2 on the scriptures, refused to accept the scholarly evidence that the authors of Genesis were not writing history.

The second mistake the church made in the sixth century was also provoked by Augustine. In order to make his assertion about Original Sin work, he had to insist that the Bible be interpreted literally. His fellow bishops went along with his assertion. It took Vatican 2 to correct that error.

Christianity’s insistence that are infants are born sinners has cast a pawl over humanity’s self image that has had untold consequences for humankind’s self-understanding.

It took me year of separation from the church to see the enormity of the errors and their role in the church’s use of fear of damnation as a primary way of controlling its members.


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Mike April 7, 2013 at 10:43 am

Congrats on speaking out on this important subject. You are exactly correct about Vatican II & P Paul VI. P Benedict XVI tried to undo Vatican II as well. I was in the seminary for the Archdiocese of Boston when I learned of the impending pedophilia debacle. The hierarchy knew – and did nothing! I left shortly thereafter.
The fact that there was no Adam and Eve negates anything that is said about them. I take the position that the work of the Catholic Church has not and can not be fruitful because of the sin and error of the hierarchy. It is the sin and error of staying in the 19th C and denying Truth.
Though I am a practicing Catholic, I would be considered a marginal Catholic because I am a thinking, rational man who does not accept Church teaching in most cases. I stay in the Church for the Eucharist. I do believe in the real presence of the Body and Blood of Christ. However, I do not believe I need a consecrated priest to obtain it. The Church is an assembly of the faithful so, I partake in that as well. I attended the Eastern Orthodox Church and am considering exploring it further. Their understanding of original sin is much different than the Catholic Church.
Possibly P Francis will get the Church back on track – though it has a long way to go.
I am convinced the Shroud of Turin is authentic. The linchpins of my faith are my personal relationship with the Father through answered prayers and miracles, the life of Jesus Christ, conversion of St Paul, and the Shroud which, to me, is proof positive of the Resurrection.
I see you have an interest in cosmological theology. I have heard some speakers and learned much. God is everywhere and Earth is a tiny spec. We have a tendency to overrate our importance – original sin – in God’s plan for His total creation. May God Bless you and keep you.


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Arclein May 28, 2015 at 9:34 am

I have developed a new cosmology called cloud cosmology based entirely on a first movement. The only founding axiom is that we exist. I published the key aspects of this cosmology which is a thought experiment and a very difficult one on Mar 7 2013 on my blog.

Dark Matter is the second tier of matter. We reside in the third tier and our existence is operated through natural logic engines formed from Dark Matter. The first tier of matter is scaled at the neutrino level and is at least three magnitudes smaller than the second tier which in turn is three orders of magnitude smaller than the third tier. This makes physics remarkably simple.


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