The Priest who left his Religion

InPursuit of Cosmic Spirituality

by John Shields

Discover the shocking dishonesty of the Catholic Church as Scientific evidence is silenced to protect the “faithful”

Follow the story of an ordained Catholic Priest, destined by family prophecy to be the first American Pope. The author reveals his disillusionment over the Pope’s betrayal of scientific insight into the Bible. Shattered by his discovery of the dishonesty of his church, John Shields takes us through the torment of leaving the priesthood and the church. With courage and self-compassion, John relates his arduous struggle to make the shift from religion to spirituality.

Shields enters life as a Layman at the age of 31 with $30 in his pocket, but quickly adapts to his new life and becomes a leader of the Canadian labour movement. During the most intense crisis of his career, he uncovered an inner mythology operating in his subconscious, which intensified his search for spirituality and higher consciousness.

The Priest Who Left His Religion John Shields from StrongHeart Productions on Vimeo.


John Shield’s remarkable career has spanned theology to economics, negotiations to senior labour management. A deep love of culture and place has infused his environmental consciousness.

John is recognized internationally as a leader in the labour movement and an advocate for win/win bargaining. A deep interest in spirituality led him to contemporary cosmology, which is illuminating a deeper understanding of the universe. For the past twenty years he has explored the connection between science and spirituality.

Born in NY City, Shields holds a Masters Degree in theology from St. Paul’s College in Washington, DC, where he worked with Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. He went on to teach popular theology in Canada and the US. He left the church and moved to British Columbia in 1969. An interest in social justice led him to the labour movement where he was a champion for women’s equality work. He was President of the BC Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU) for fourteen years.

He has been teaching Labour Relations and Negotiations at Vancouver Island University. His memoir is due to be published in September.


“Hello John. I have just finished reading The Priest who left his religion. It has presented me with many leads to follow, many ideas to reflect on! It’s not often that a book deeply influences me. Yours has, and I want to thank you for it.
Craig Spence


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